Screenplays -Crusade

For a brief moment in the 90’s director Paul Verhoeven, and super star Arnold Schwarzenegger had the opportunity to re-team for what surely would have been the most fascinating medieval epic of the decade – Crusade.

With a script written by Walon Green (The Wild Bunch, Sorcerer, The Man In The High Castle), Verhoeven started pushing the film forward from around the time of “Total Recall”.


The proposed cast included name stars like, Jennifer Connelly, Charlton Heston, and Gary Sinise. Sadly it was money and pirates that scuttled the production, at 100 million and growing Carolco decided to go with the cheaper option, “Cutthroat Island”, which as history tells us, was a poor choice, not only did the pirate film tank, it also closed the company.

After that the film would be mentioned in interviews with Schwarzenegger or Verhoeven over the years while promoting other projects, but it never got off the ground. Now you get a chance to read what might have been, click the picture and feel free to let us know what you thought below in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Screenplays -Crusade

  1. Reading it now , I already see a fair bit I would cut , to make the Abby Entrance scenes more Seemless
    ( The Fart scene just isnt needed ) It reads a little disjointed but with some tweaking could be quite variable , You could take it the Light road , or go Dark with it , either would require tweaking .
    What are the rights on this ?

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  3. Firstly, thank you so much for posting it. After so many years of reading about this script and the possibilities attached, I’m so grateful to have finally read it! No doubt that this would be a hard R rating and I can see the influences this script had on the likes of Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven. However I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed, the dialogue just didn’t have the weight and resonance it needed to.


  4. Jolly good romp through the Crusades-would go see the finished movie, or sure. Would need a somewhat younger protagonist (sorry! – Arnie!) but perhaps of some well-placed CGI this would be doable, w/smaller budget than originally planned.


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